Tips For Cleaning Up A Construction Site

Many years ago I used to work on construction sites doing punch out work and cleaning up the site so the job could be signed off on and new projects could begin. These were great jobs to do since you could work at your own pace and you never knew what to expect from day to day. When I worked in construction clean up services in Charlotte, I discovered these helpful tips.

Tip #1 – Do an overall inspection

The first thing that you need to do when entering into a room or an area is do an overall review or inspection. This is where you go and look at the common areas of a job and see if the main tasks were done. If they were then you do a more detailed view and see what small details were overlooked.

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Tip #2 – Go where people don’t expect you to go

Another thing that I discovered is that people finishing a job will try to gloss over some details and hope that others won’t notice. When doing a punch out list or doing a final cleanup, it is our job to look for these details. So, go to the areas where people don’t expect you to go such as under counters or in corners to see what trash or unfinished tasks were left.

Tip #3 – Work in teams

You want to work in teams. When you work in a team you can have a second set of eyes looking for the same thing you are. One day you may be a little off your game where your companion is on the ball. When you work in teams you can also get tasks done quicker and sign off to get paid.

When done shut off the lights, make sure the doors are locked and move on to the next task.